Monday, September 25, 2017

New IBCO Growler

We bring you a one of a kind growler that's sure to keep your beer cold and be the envy of all your tired "old school growler" friends.  Our 64oz vacuum-insulated growlers keep liquids hot or cold all day. With such a large capacity, the growler is at it's best when filled to the brim with delicious beer from your favorite local brewery....and we all know which one that is. The vacuum-insulation means you can easily bring a full one to any event and the beer will be perfectly cold when you arrive. The growler also maintains carbonation all day (until you can't resist and crack it open to fill a pint glass.) But it doesn't stop there! Take advantage of the large capacity and use the growler as a coffee carafe or to keep punch cold for a kid's birthday party. Just make sure to fill it up and be a hero at any event no matter what the season.

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